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Physical entity
  • >1.5 thousand transactions per second
  • 7 transactions per second
  • 20 transactions per second
  • 5k transactions per second
  • Limit on the number of transactions depending on the account balance
  • 1500 transactions per second
theoretically unlimited
7 transactions per second(stage1)
1000 transactions per second
  • VEDA token can not be forged
  • All tokens are stored only on users ‘devices
  • Hash-the sum of users’ certificates are stored in the blockchain
  • Double protection of VEDA users-tokens from users, transaction information - in the blockchain
  • Bitcoin can provide a very high level of security but only if used correctly
  • Researchers claim to have discovered another 34,200 vulnerable smart contracts in the Ethereum network
  • Multi-level wallet security system
  • There are only 21 privileged accounts that can block the EOS network
  • «We are not an absolute system with absolute protection. We do not meet safety standards based on the history of judicial law»
  • IOTA technologies are still being tested, their safety is not confirmed definitively
  • With a small amount of transactions it becomes necessary to use a coordinating server
  • Created user's hash-function Curl is vulnerable to differential cryptanalysis
  • Not tested yet
Delegation of the authority to verify transactions is based on the trust of network participants to specific nodes. Project developers control over 50% of all tokens and they have all possibilities for single choice of delegates.
Smart Contracts
  • VEDA’s Smart contracts are fullfeatured
  • Template Library smart contracts
  • Profits for programmers – authors of smart contracts
  • Efficiency of transactions for VEDA users
  • The simplest smart contracts in SCRIPT language, which do not allow to fully describe all the conditions of paper contracts
  • Smart contracts written in the language of SOLIDITY are highly dependent on the qualifications of the programmer.
  • WebAssembly, EVM virtual machine smart contracts
  • Dependence on the qualification of the programmer
  • At the moment they don’t exist
  • Do not support smart-contacs (for April 2018)
Protocol Shelley has been introduced for blockchain decentralization, which has added support for smart-contacts (only rates now), and in the future will support their import from other networks. The testing of the protocol began on the third quarter 2018 year.
    The platform supports the development of smart contracts with help of the most popular programming languages:
  • .NET languages, including C#;
  • Java;
  • JavaScript;
  • Go;
  • C / C++;
  • Python;
  • Ruby.
NEO gives the programmer a wide choice of development tools
  • To earn income in VEDA, it is sufficient to deploy it on your computer host VEDA and receive a fee from received client’s transactions “VEDA Wallet”
  • Overhead costs are huge and growing every day. The complexity of the algorithm increases
  • Overhead costs are huge and growing every day. The complexity of the algorithm increases
  • A large amount of interaction data between nodes
  • The average user will never become the owner of the node included in UNL
Proof-of-Work (original modification Tangle)
DPoS Ouroboros
Mining & Energy consuming
Token emission limit
91 T
21 B
3 per block
1 T
100 T
'2 779 530 283 277 761
2000 per block
100 B